• What is FLANKER ?

Inspired by, and named after our favorite aircraft, the Sukhoi Su-27, FLANKER (53´ INTERCEPTOR and 60´ SUPERCRUISER) is a very high-performance, utility or superluxury, intrinsically-armored stealth watercraft based on the rework of the original Opera53 and Opera60 designs of Cantieri Opera and built by VZ Shipyard of Venice, Italy according to our specifications, under the direct daily supervision of our aerospace engineers, of our naval architects, and of our defense & security specialists, and under the strictiest ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP 2110 standards.

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  • What is TARPON ?

Tarpons, also known as Megalops, are large fishes with an incredible strength and ability to leap.  Tarpons are also characterized by a swim bladder which allows them to adjust buoyancy and respiration.  Inspired by these fishes, we developed TARPON on the SafeHaven Marine XSV 17 Thunder Child platform.  TARPON´s key features are the light armoring of the complete structure and the luxurious, yet functional interiors, thus making this boat a perfect high-safety, high-performance survival vessel.

  • What is an Intrinsically-Armored Stealth Vessel ?

It is a vessel whose hull, deck, cabin and superstructures are made of bulletproof and blast-proof material, and shaped to minimize the radar cross section. Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing technology and special non-metallic materials, we can offer a maximum protection vessel at almost the same weight (hence performance) of a non-protected vessel.  To enhance the "visual stealth" characteristics as well as uniqueness, the vessel can be decorated with special dazzle camouflage patterns ("razzle dazzle") which can be decided and customized together with the Client.

  • What are the FLANKER´s & TARPON´s key characteristics ?

  1. the vessel structure is armored from the very beginning;
  2. the armoring is part of the composite "sandwich" forming the hull, deck, cabin, and superstructures;
  3. the cabin is built as a safe room;
  4. all internal furniture / cabinets are made of bulletproof material;
  5. additional armoring is available as an option according to a risk & threat analysis;
  6. the weight & performance are the same as those of a non-armored vessel;
  7. the overall structure is more resistant, robust, and resilient than any other vessel;
  8. the whole structure is treated with anti-spalling / blast-containment polyurea coating;
  9. FLANKER ONLY: side tubulars are military-grade, bulletproof, and suitable to withstand impacts and ramming;
  10. all windows and clear surfaces are made of bulletproof "transparent aluminum" technology;
  11. all systems and equipment are military-grade and redundant;
  12. the vessel has an "autonomous mode" based on artificial intelligence and advanced cyber technologies;
  13. the vessel has a very low radar signature thanks to special coatings and reduced use of metallic components;
  14. our proprietary decorative pattern can offer a very low optical visibility or an extremely high optical visibility;
  15. the propellers and the hull are optimized for low-noise generation and ideal wake & cavitation acoustic signatures;
  16. the overall architectural design is not affected by the armoring;
  17. aerial, surface, and subsea perimeters are protected by our very own anti-intrusion system;
  18. all luxury / lifestyle fixtures are actually safety & security devices;
  19. full emergency medical equipment including blood & plasma bags refrigerator, AEDs, and telemedicine provision;
  20. our armoring standards include NIJ 0108.01 / 0101.06 Level IV, NATO AEP-55 / STANAG 4569 and EN 1063 / 1522;
  21. FLANKER general info: 53´or 60´ hull length, width approx 15´, total power 1600 hp, 400 nm autonomy, top speed: 50+ kts
  22. TARPON general info: total power: 18 m hull length, width approx 4 m, 2000 hp, 700 nm autonomy, top speed: 60+ kts

We believe that security should be unobtrusive and omnipresent. We believe that armed security guards on-board your yacht will not give the peace of mind to your family & guests. Therefore our protection strategy is to intercept potential threats well before they come too close to you. To achieve this, we invested a lot in the development of security technologies in order to intercept, identify and neutralize any potential danger before you will even notice it.  In case the threat cannot be avoided, then you will be totally protected in the safety cocoon of your yacht.  What kind of threat cannot be avoided? For example, if you are obliged to rescue people who could be pirates or illegal immigrants and who will pose a danger to your guests because of their cultural, religious, or sheer criminal attitude.

  • special package (FILO)x : dedicated to our mighty saviors, this First In Last Out version is a "SAR & Emergency Response" vessel which provides unprecedented interventional speed and personnel protection.  The profits from the sales of this version will go entirely to various firefighter & law enforcement associations.

  • special package (reborn)x : superluxury and "visual arts inspired", a true 3D artwork created by our artist & designer Melania Calzi, of Trieste, Italy; the decoration comes from either her artwork or her award-winning fabric patterns and can be used also for the razzle dazzle.  Click here for the (reborn)x website.

  • special package (biosphere)x : a totally self-sustaining version, ready for survival in extreme situations or for doomsday, with hydrogen-powered engines using a state-of-the-art hydrogen harvesting technology.

  • special package (lifestyle)x : we provide a full range of elegant / casual clothing, crew uniforms, and fashion accessories which are bulletproof, fire-resistant, and highly protective including luxury brand clothing for men, women, and children (Armani, Valentino, etc) with bulletproof lining; we also provide luxury brand-styled clothing (virtually impossible to tell them apart from the original brand name clothing) made of fireproof ballistic material and luxury brand name accessories such as bags, briefcases, umbrellas, but with our very own bulletproof lining, or alternatively complete collections of apparel and accessories designed only for you

  • How about maintenance ?

  1. maintenance services are available worldwide, at any location of your choice;
  2. all technical / engine / functional components are only from very well-known brands (Furuno, Mercury, Raymarine, Volvo, MAN, MTU, etc.) so regular maintenance can be easily done at your favorite shipyard;
  3. our maintenance & logistics team is always ready to support you 24 / 7 / 366 (yes, even on Feb. 29th !!!).

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